Why it is Important to Valuate them
  • Which is the best project in terms of costs and benefits including the environmental effects allowed by the project as compared to the doing nothing option?
  • Which are the benefits of a sustainability project? Which are the benefits of the doing nothing option but preserving present natural habitats and landscape resources? How can we build and compare these two scenarios in order to pursue a sustainable development?
  • Given a certain corridor where different transport options are available, which is the mode that produces less external costs in carrying passengers and/or goods? Motorways, high speed railways or aviation?
  • Which are the internal and external costs of a regional energy plan? Is it the best plan in order to reduce the energy social costs?
  • Are they higher the external costs of burning one year of municipal waste averagely produced by a Naples inhabitant or to drive a motorbike for a week in Naples? Differences between accidents external costs of road transport in Naples and London?
  • Is it worth to afford the extra-costs of building a tunnel in order to avoid the external costs of an open road crossing a certain city?
  • How big could be the landscape damage of a wind plant built in a tourism area, if any?
  • Under which conditions is it verified that combined road-sea transport along a certain route reduces the external costs of good transport as compared to “all road” option? Which is the role of ship types, fuels and speeds? Which is the role of emission abatement technologies, on board logistics and load rate?
  • Which are the more suitable harbours to host the lorry traffic of Motorways of the sea? Which are the environmental net benefits of the “last mile” infrastructure investment?
  • Does it pollutes more a diesel or a petrol car? Provided that diesel technology offers more energy savings opportunities, under which conditions the diffusion of diesel power-trains will not increase transport external costs as compared to petrol cars?
  • Which is the amount of the monetary compensations that the inhabitants of a certain area, residually exposed to a pollution source already under control, could rationally ask to the responsible of the activity?
  • How to find out which are the most environmentally sound energy conversion processes or products based on biomass?

…..Many other similar questions could be made… Some of them have already an answer, some others should be better formulated…

But all ask in chorus: let’s valuate the external costs!

© 2006 - Andrea Molocchi