Amici della Terra (Friends of the Earth Italy), the environmental protection NGO that for more than ten years has been promoting in Italy and all Europe the external costs valuation culture through reviews, studies and educational leaflets.

The Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory (EVRI), developed by Environment Canada since 1993, is a benefit transfer infobase intended primarily as a tool to assist policy analysts using the benefits transfer approach to estimate economic values for changes in environmental goods and services or human health. In the benefits transfer approach, the results of the previous studies held within the EVRI can be used (transferred) to estimate the economic value of changes stemming from current programs or policies. The infobase is accessible only to registered subscribers who have a valid user ID and password. Some States (France, UK, USA, Canada) constituted the EVRI club, aimed at spreading studies made in their own territory and at favopuring the access to the data bese to their own citizens.

OECD working group on biodiversity valuation produced various reports on valuing biodiversity resources and impacts on them:

The World Bank Enviroronmental Economics web area:

The European Commission
Enviroronmental Economics studies links database:

The Nature Associates and Per Kageson web site
Nature Associates started in 1991 as a private consultancy and research organisation focused on environmental issues. Per Kageson studies on external costs, km charging and emissions trading are widely known for their relevance in recommending policies

The Environmental Damage valuation and Cost/benefit web site:

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