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Personal Information:
Born 15/11/1964, Cairo (Egypt). Italian Nationality


3/1989:            5 years Italian Degree in Economics and Social Sciences (D.E.S.), Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, 110/110 cum laude
6/1983:           Scientific Lyceum, Milan, 58/60.

Profession: consultant in economic & environmental valuation, management and reporting. Main sectors: transport and renewable energy.

Main technical skills: investment valuation, cost/benefit analysis, strategic environmental impact assessment, external costs valuation, environmental conflict management

Main Professional Experiences:

From 2004: consultant for various public administrations, companies, research institutes and NGOs, such as the Italian Minister for the Government Programme Implementation, Friends of the Earth Italy/Italian Ministry for Transport, TRT/ European Parliament,  ISAT/Italian Ministry for the Environment, Trenitalia SpA, Italian Ministry for Economy and Finance- Public Investment Valuation Unit, Motorways of the Mediterranean Network.

2000– 2004:    Environmental Manager for the Italian Shipowners Association (Confitarma):

  • dealings with authorities and NGOs concerning environmental maritime issues (in particular on EC Directives on the Sulphur Content of Ships Fuels and Marpol Annex VI on ship's emissions)
  • environmental costs evaluation in the transport and shipping sectors
  • energy consumption and emission estimation for various ship types
  • promotion of environmental management systems in the shipping sector (ISO 14001, Green Award and EMAS)
  • project manager of the EC funded “Life Environment” project “Shipping with EMAS” for developing general guidelines for the implementation of the EU Eco-management and Audit Scheme in the shipping companies
  • economic instruments for the enhancement of ships environmental performances
  • Crisis Media Management – planning, preparedness, response.

Other offices in Confitarma:
(2003-2004): Chair of the Environmental Panel - International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), London.
(2000-2004): member of the Safety and Environmental Committee and of the Environmental Group of ECSA (European Community Shipowners Association);
 (2001-2002): member of the Sustainable Development Commission of Confindustria, the Italian Industry Federation.

1995-2000:      Head of the Research Office of the Environmental NGO Friends of the Earth Italy, member of the Friends of the Earth International Network. Coordination and management of many researches co-financed by external sponsors, as Italian Railways (F.S.), Italian Shipowners Association, FIAT, ENEL, and Italian Ministry for the Environment. Member of the Italian Delegation at Kyoto – III COP UNFCCC, dec. 1997.

  • Author of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Report on the Environmental and Social Costs of Transport in Italy (Road, Rail and Aviation).
  •  Author of two Reports on the Environmental and Social Costs of Maritime Transport (A Comparison of 4 European Routes, 1999; External Costs of Shipping in Italy, 2000).

1990-1994:       Research Assistant at IEFE (Institute for Energy Resources Economics), a Research Institute specialized in energy and environmental economics of the Bocconi University for Economics, Milan. Research on Environmental Agencies and Environmental Policy Institutional Framework: a Proposal for the Establishment of Environmental Agencies in Italy.

Publications: many Books, Articles and Reports. 

Here are listed only the published books:
A. Molocchi, P.L. Lombard, “Navigazione e ambiente” 2001, FrancoAngeli ed., Milano (Shipping and the Environment: an External costs  Comparison with the Other Trasportation Modes)
A. Molocchi, P.L. Lombard, “Produzione, uso e smaltimento: I costi esterni dei trasporti in Italia” 2000, FrancoAngeli ed., Milano (Production, Use and Disposal: the External Costs of Transport in Italy”)
A. Molocchi, “Non nel mio giardino. Il dissenso ambientalista e lo sviluppo sostenibile”, Tessere, CUEN ed., Napoli, 1998 (Not in My Backyard. Environmental dissensus and Sustainable Development)
A. Molocchi, a cura di, “La scommessa di Kyoto. Politiche di protezione del clima e sviluppo sostenibile”, FrancoAngeli ed., Milano, 1998 (The Kyoto Challenge: Policies for  Climate Protection and Sustainable Development)
A. Molocchi, P.L. Lombard, “I costi ambientali e sociali della mobilità in Italia, FrancoAngeli ed., Milano, 1999 (Environmental and Social Costs of Mobility in Italy).
"Agenzie e governo dell'ambiente; il caso italiano a confronto con le esperienze estere", con E. Croci e M. Frey, FrancoAngeli ed., Milano, 1994 (Agencies and Environmental Governance: a Benchmark of  International Cases).

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